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Principal Tim Newton

September 4, 2008

This column in known as "A Look Back" and most of the time folks enjoy reading about the good old days in Lansing.

However, there are times when we like to talk about the present. Ada and I first met Tim Newton when he joined the Kiwanis Club a few years back. We worked with him at the Speedway concession stand and at the 5K Run for several years. He was an energetic member in our club and a great addition to our town.

Our club sponsored what was called the BUG (Bring Up Grades) program at our elementary school. Tim took this and ran with it. After a year we were able to attend the presentation of awards to the students. We were amazed at how Tim knew each student in the whole school by name. He knew if their parents were KU or K-State fans, and many times mentioned their older or younger siblings. Wow, what a guy!

We understand that he is encouraging teachers and students to send him school supplies in Iraq to share with the schoolchildren there. Hopefully the whole community will gather together in this effort and when he gets settled over there he will let us know where to send the supplies. We know that he will make a great impression on every child he meets over there.

We were out of town when the send-off ceremony took place and really felt bad about missing that. The Kiwanis Club presented him with the Kiwanian of the Year Award and a Lansing flag that he will be able to fly at his station in Iraq. I am sure he was disappointed in leaving a beautiful new school during its first year but it will be waiting for his return, as will the students, the community and the Kiwanis Club.

Good luck Tim. We are so proud of you.


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