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Eagle sculpture returns to roost

September 18, 2008

The bronze eagle sculpture that was stolen several months ago is finally resting back on top of the Korean-Vietnam War Memorial in Kansas City, Kan.

The Bluhm Monument Co. reinstalled the 200-pound eagle on Sept. 5.

The bronze statue valued at $5,000 came up missing six months ago. Keith Harris, a Union Pacific Railroad employee, spotted the stolen sculpture on his way to work one morning. As he approached the underpass traveling north on Adams to Shawnee Avenue, he said he saw an object leaning against the pillar. As he approached even closer he realized it was a bronze eagle statue.

"As the symbol of freedom in America, the return of the eagle shows that no matter how despicable the crime is, there's always someone who will step up and do the right thing," said Chief Park Ranger Bob Gunja.

"The gentleman who found the eagle and notified us, Keith Harris, displayed that trait to the fullest. This shows that there are still good people in the world that refuse to let wrong become right," he said.


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