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Tough loss a bummer, but Kansas isn’t doomed

September 18, 2008

After surviving a divided family situation with one grandson graduating from KU and another grandson enrolling at Kansas State University, we have come up with another family situation.

My daughter Linda came back home after time in Florida and Arizona. While Linda was in Tampa, Fla., she graduated from the University of South Florida.

Uh-oh. You know where this is going, don't you?

Kansas played at South Florida in a football game on Friday night. Both teams were ranked in the top 20 and the game was nationally televised. As far as Kansas' nonconference schedule goes, this was quite a big deal after last season's soft early slate.

KU lost on a last-second field goal, so we expected a lot of static from Linda concerning the game. Surprisingly, we heard very little heckling from Linda - who I believe is still a KU supporter. This turned out to be a good game won by USF, and I'm not making alibis for Kansas but if you ever spend any time in Florida you would know about the high temperatures and humidity. In my opinion, the heat and humidity got to the Jayhawks in that game. This was not a game where Kansas is no longer in the hunt for a shot for the National Championship, however, Kansas dropped in the polls. Any loss would damage the team's shot at the National Championship, but USF - who is still in the top 20 - had a pretty good football team. It's not like getting beat by a cupcake. I think the Jayhawks will still play a big role in the Big 12, especially in the North division.

With an impressive victory, Missouri has moved up in the ranking to No. 5 and is currently favored to win the Big 12 North. Most analysts have Missouri slated to win the North division and if they accomplish that they would be one of the favorites to win the Big 12 Conference championship. Nothing is taken for granted, though. Missouri has a potent offense but their defense is a question mark. Missouri won last week 52-42 and by giving up 42 points has a questionable defense.

If I were to have to pick the top team in contention for the National Championship, I would stick with the University of Southern California. USC handled Ohio State with ease on Saturday. That probably knocked Ohio State out of a shot to the National Championship. USC is one fine football team who will be hard to beat.

Many analysts, coaches, athletics directors and university presidents are still lobbying for a playoff system such as the NCAA has in basketball. In my opinion, the BCS format is working pretty good and the last few years has proven that with the No. 1 ranked teams winning the National Championship.

I don't believe there's a system possible that would satisfy all the people urging for a playoff system that would create the National Championship. I was very satisfied with the way things have worked out with the BCS system and their final rankings have proven that the system is good. I always enjoyed the bowl games as they were and the national championships were deserved. There is no system on God's green earth that will make everyone satisfied. Football, unlike basketball, can only play one game a week where the teams in the NCAA basketball tournament can play two or three times a week. Most of the critics have their proposals for a playoff system that works good for the school they represent. In my opinion, by adding more games in a playoff system the athletes would lose too much school time.


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