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Provocative phone use could lead to trouble

April 2, 2009

There is a new and popular practice that some high school students are starting to use their cell phones for. This new practice is known as “sexting.” Students between the ages of 14 and 18 are taking nude or semi-nude photos of themselves and are sharing them with the opposite sex via their cell phones.

Students seem to think that because they are doing this for their boyfriends or girlfriends there is nothing wrong with it. However, they seem to forget what happens when the friendship ends and the photos they have shared become a source of revenge, harassment or total embarrassment.

Besides the obvious problems with this new practice, if the students are caught they could face criminal charges of manufacturing, disseminating or possessing child pornography. These criminal charges could apply to both the sender and receiver. Other than the criminal charges that could come from this type of activity is the fact that this can be very dangerous to the participants.

Once these photos are on your cell phone they can be transferred to the Internet where anyone in the world can view the photos including parents, friends, relatives and even sexual predators.

Parents are advised to talk with their teenagers and explain the consequences of such actions and the dangers that this type of activity can create.

If you have knowledge of, or questions about this type of activity, please don’t hesitate to contact your local law enforcement agency.


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