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Health fair to offer a dozen type of screenings free

April 9, 2009

A dozen free health screenings will be available at Health Fair ’09 Thursday, April 16 at Kansas City Kansas Community College.

Open to the community, the Health Fair will be from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the KCKCC Field House at 7250 State Ave.

In addition to the free screenings and health education, a cholesterol blood chemistry will be available for $25. A 20 chemistry test with lipid profile and complete blood count will be available for $32. Both tests require a 12-hour fast from food and drink with the exception of water, although persons with diabetes should not fast, and prescription medicine should not be interrupted. A prostate-specific antigen blood test for men and a thyroid-stimulating hormone test will also be offered for $25 each.

The free screenings include blood pressure, height and weight, HIV/STI testing, blood sugar level, vision, percent of body fat, hearing, grip strength, spinal flexibility, oral hygiene/cancer and chiropractic analysis.

Physicians, registered nurses and dietitians will be on hand to answer any health questions in areas such as diabetes, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, heart disease, stress, sexually transmitted diseases, breast and testicular self-exams, and fitness and wellness.


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