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Board approves school fee increases

April 16, 2009

The Basehor-Linwood Board of Education, hoping to stem the tide of state budget cuts, voted Monday to raise a few student fees and to add fees onto certain school activities for the 2009-2010 school year.

With the approved fee increases, the agendas for Basehor-Linwood High School and Basehor-Linwood Middle School will be raised $2, making the new costs $8 for high school students and $7 for middle school students. This increase in agendas will generate about $1,000 for the district, Superintendent Robert Albers said.

Yearbooks for high school students will cost $5 more, $50 per book. The middle school and elementary school yearbooks will remain at the same prices of $20 and $12, respectively.

Students and adults will have to pay more for their lunches during the next school year, as well. Student lunches will be $2.25 at the high school and middle school and $2.15 at the elementary schools, which is 15 cents more than the lunches cost this year. Adult lunches at all schools will be 20 cents more, which means high school, middle school and elementary school adult lunches will all be $3. The total revenue expected from the increases in student and adult lunches is roughly $16,000, Albers said.

If students wish to take the high school Industrial Arts class next year, they will have to pay $20 for the class, which is $5 more than the class is this year. Additionally, students enrolling in any of the Project Lead the Way courses will pay $25. The Project Lead the Way classes previously did not have a fee.

Also on Monday night, the board approved a proposal to charge a transportation fee for students riding the bus who live less than 2.5 miles from school. Each student who lives less than 2.5 miles from school will have to pay $200 annually to ride the bus, with a maximum fee of $400 per family each year.

Albers said exceptions applied to the transportation fee.

“Students who have free or reduced lunches will not have to pay the fee,” Albers said. “Special education students who require transportation will also not have to pay a fee for riding the bus.”

Albers said families who paid the fee before July 1 would not have to pay the full amount. These families would pay $150 per student each year with a maximum charge of $300 annually for the family.

Charging bus-riding students who live less than 2.5 miles away from their schools will result in approximately $30,000 for the district, Albers said.

“There are 348 students in this situation now, and it’s very difficult to tell how many will continue to ride and how many will not,” he said. “Also thinking about the number of families with more than two children, it’s hard to say, but my best estimate is that it will give us a revenue of about $30,000.”

The district did not have expected revenue from all the fee increases, Albers said, because of yearly changes in sales and enrollments. Albers said Basehor-Linwood looked at the figures from other Kansas districts and tried to adjust fees accordingly while generating extra money to compensate for budget cuts.

See page 4 for more information about Monday night’s school board meeting.


Jason Bailey 9 years, 1 month ago

Perhaps to save money, they should plan their building projects better.

Case in point: The new middle school on 158th St. has been forced to put in septic tanks until the sewer line it extended. This was not in scope for the project and will cost $250,000 dollars. Once the line is extended (by December 2009), the tanks will be useless and that $250k blown.

People of Basehor, wake up! Your tax dollars are being flushed down the toilet and wasted in so many ways with this latest bond passage -- yet, our fees are raised. Imagine if that $250k hadn't been needed (due to proper planning by a high-paid engineer that's already a sunk cost) and the sewer line had been in place by Q1 2009?! We wouldn't need a crazy fee increase.


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