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Identify photo subjects to preserve history

April 16, 2009

I have written many times in the past about how important it is to put names and dates with pictures. This past week a group of “old” folks were called into action at the museum to try to identify people in various photos that had been donated. The difficult thing about this is that we were either too old or too young.

Many of the pictures took place before we were born and many were of high school and grade school people that were not in our era or were in classes with our own children. We were able to identify a few, but most of all, we had a lot of fun getting together and talking about old times.

I had questions answered that I had been saving up for just the right time. We visited with Neva Lou Stewart McCarbrey and Neil Young, who graduated from LHS in the late ’30 s. Others there besides the museum director Laura Phillippi were: Linda Lockwood, Nadine Grafe, Henry and Mary Ellen Kenaga, Bonnie Hobbs, Sherri Alford, Neva Lou, Neil, Loren Russell, and Gene and Ada Young.

By bouncing questions off of each other we were reminded of many people that were not in any of the pictures but had a lot to do with Lansing’s development.

During Lansing Daze we will be celebrating Lansing’s 50th anniversary. A time capsule will be buried in front of the new library on May 2. The city would like to have things included such as photos of service club groups, church groups, organizations, etc., along with the names, if possible, and the date the photo was taken. This will be a very festive occasion and everyone in Lansing should take part.

In the meantime, name and date your photos. Your children and grandchildren will appreciate it.


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