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Letter: Veterans deserve more respect

April 23, 2009

To the editor:

A few years ago there was a report of the Veterans Memorial in Kansas City, Mo., being vandalized. Later, I heard the ones who committed the crime turned themselves in.

Not so long ago were reports of protesters at funerals of American military personnel. Veterans and their supporters started attending the funerals in larger numbers. I myself rode a few times because I, too, am a veteran.

This past March my truck was stolen. After the thieves were through with it, they burned it. Police said it was so bad they couldn’t get the vehicle identification number or the tags off the truck. What bothers me is the license plate was veteran, easy to spot. If they didn’t know they stole a veteran’s property, it’s because they didn’t care.

The trend I see is more illegal activities and less prayer. Our money still has “In God We Trust,” but this has become harder to read on some coins. I’m beginning to feel our foundation might have a crack in it. If I might make a suggestion to help reverse this trend: Next time you are watching a parade, stand tall and proud when veterans go by. Give them a salute to let them know you are thankful they were willing to die for you. Each and every day, remember to say a prayer for strength in your country and, again, give thanks; thanks to our God we still have our country that is free.

Elaine Allanbrand

Bonner Springs


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