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Parks and Rec offers after-school program

August 13, 2009

With school just around the corner, Bonner Springs Elementary students have something going on everyday after school to look forward to.

The Bonner Springs Parks and Recreation department will offer its first-ever after-school program, starting Tuesday, Aug. 18, on the first day of school. The program will be open to any student at BSE getting out of class at 3:40 p.m. — the time arranged for staff from the Parks and Rec department to pick the students up and walk them over to South Park, where they will get to take part in study time and activities, as well as get help with their homework.

“Well it’s just an opportunity for them to make new friends, to meet new people and a good time to come home to a safe place,” said Parks and Rec director Skip Dobbs. “A lot of times kids, both parents are working with full-time jobs. This allows them, at a very reasonable price, (to have) a safe place for the children to go after school.”

The after school program will be open Monday through Friday, whenever school is in session. After the pick-up at the back door of BSE, students will arrive at South Park, where they will be provided with an after-school snack. Then from about 4:10 p.m. to 4:40 p.m., they will work on homework. Dobbs said books would be available for those students without homework. The rest of the time period will be devoted to recreational activities, which Dobbs said would always have a theme that would change from day to day. He said that some days there would be a short movie to watch, and others would focus on nutrition and fitness. Parents will pick up their children at 5:30 p.m.

“I just don’t have any background and history as to why I’m wanting to do this (program) in particular,” Dobbs, whose own mother stayed at home, said of the reason for getting an after-school program started in Bonner. “A lot of communities offer after-school programs, and this is just another step in our growth as a park and recreation department.”

Dobbs said the program is currently only open to BSE students because of the school’s short walking distance from both the Community Center, where the staff will leave to pick the students up, and South Park. He said the ratio of staff to students will always be one to 10, but the Parks and Rec department is currently looking to hire a director for the program. The hours will be three per day, whenever the program is going on, at about $12 per hour.

Cost to enroll a child in the program is $50 per week, which will reduce down to $30 per week for those weeks where there is a holiday. Registration forms can be picked up at the Community Center, 200 E. Third Street. The program will start Aug. 18.

For more information about the after-school program or to inquire about the directorial position, contact Dobbs at (913) 441-1662.


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