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Water company warns customers about scam

August 27, 2009

Consolidated Water District No. 1 of Leavenworth County is alerting its customers it has received calls reporting that several customers have been contacted by an individual claiming to be an employee of the water department.

The caller indicates the customer failed to sign a check for a water payment and attempts to obtain credit card, bank account and driver’s license information from the customer.

The water district said in a press release its employees would only call customers to remind them of a payment that was due and would not attempt to collect payment over the phone. A person can verify he or she is speaking with an employee of the water district by having that employee provide the account number, amount of the bill, address, information only the water district would know.

Law enforcement officials in the county have been contacted about this scam. Customers are asked to obtain as much information as possible from the caller and pass it on to local law enforcement agencies or the water district.


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