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Experiencing Black Friday

December 3, 2009

Black Friday Experience

On Black Friday, I did something I never thought I would do. That is, to get up practically in the middle of the night to go shopping.

There was this item that I had been wanting for a long time, and I decided to take my chances as it was advertised on the Wal-Mart flier that was in the newspaper. It was crazy to go shopping at that time of night, then I remembered that for 32 years I got up at 3:30 on a daily basis to go to work — but never to shop.

To our surprise when we got to the store at 4:30 there was no line waiting outside and the store was already full of people. The folks already inside were smart enough to go into the grocery side earlier as it stayed open for 24 hours. Live and learn. We went to the electronics department and were helped by a sweet, friendly young salesperson who led us to the right location that carried this item. By that time it was 4:45 and there was a line already waiting with tickets in their hands. We discovered there were only 10 laptop computers available, and we were number 11.

We decided to stay in line and visit with numbers 9 and 10 as we knew them and thought we just might luck out. As it turned out, one of the ticket holders in front of us decided not to stay and returned her ticket to the sales person, who then gave it to us. This made us number 10. At 5 a.m. sharp the registers opened and they were ready to sell. All went well except the nice number 2 lady wrote a check and it got caught in the machine. This took a certain amount of time and patience for all but it eventually worked out, and we are now the proud owner of a HPG71 notebook computer that we can take with us on our out-of-town trips without trying to find a local library when I write this column.

By 5:15 the aisles were packed and carts everywhere jammed full of Christmas presents. It was difficult to maneuver and several people we heard say, “I’ve never done this before and will not do it again”. Famous last words! In spite of the crowd, everyone was courteous and there was no pushing or shoving. All of the sales clerks we met were very helpful and friendly.

Now all I have to do is learn how to use this new computer.


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