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Happy New Year!

December 31, 2009

Twenty-seven years ago, in 1982, we started videoing the opening of Christmas presents at our house. Each year before the family arrives, I pick out a different year for them to look at when they arrive.

This year it was the 1988 video, which was 21 years ago.

My hair was dark then and the girls all made fun of their hair styles. It is so much fun to see the grandkids when they were little. I am sure you and your families have your own traditions that the youngsters will remember all their lives.

The fact that Christmas has come and gone again and a new year is upon us, it is time to reflect on the year we had in 2009.

This was a memorable year because it was our 50th anniversary as a city. That celebration went along with Lansing Daze on May 2.

On July 2, we dedicated our new Kenneth W. Bernard Park west of town and on July 4 was our first Fourth of July fireworks display at the new park. Cars came from miles around, and it was great even though the weather was cool and cloudy.

On July 14 Lansing dedicated our new library, and a few weeks later the time capsule was established next to the library.

Many of our townspeople took part in these wonderful affairs.

Two new churches, the Crossroads United Methodist Church and St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church were dedicated. The new coffee shop, Barista’s Daily Grind and Sonic Drive In on the south part of town opened, as well as The China King and Azul Tequila Restaurant on Express Lane and Jimmy John’s on North Main.

They had the ground-breaking for International House of Pancakes and got the footing and foundations poured before the bad weather arrived. That kind of building depends a lot on the weather.

Things started moving at the new Angel Falls Housing development on Ida Street east of the Catholic church.

No doubt we will see many more changes in our little town as the year 2010 moves on. 2009 was a good year in Lansing. We are not called “The City With a Future” for nothing.


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