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Chief’s Corner

February 19, 2009

By this time of the year, cabin fever has all but taken over. We often overlook the fact that our pets have for the most part also been confined indoors. As the weather starts to get warmer and we venture outside, we often just open the doors for our pets and let them out to soak up the warmth of a nice sunny day.

I have been asked to address some of our animal control issues as they relate to pets being outside, running loose and subsequently being picked up by our Animal Control officer.

If you let your dog(s) outside or take them for a walk, they are still required to be on a leash or attached to a stake in your yard per animal control ordinances. If your animal should get loose and subsequently be picked up by our animal control officer, here is what you can expect: We will make every effort possible to locate the owner of the animal prior to taking it into custody. If the owner cannot be contacted, the animal will be held up to four days. We will contact local veterinarians and post pictures if possible. It is our policy to make every attempt possible to reunite the pet with its owner. If no one has come forward to claim the animal, every effort will be made to adopt the animal out and if that is not possible, the animal will have to be euthanized.

This is one of the main reasons that the city requires pet owners to register and license their pets. If you had registered and licensed your pet and it was wearing a collar, a safe return home would be possible. If your pet is not registered, licensed or wearing a collar, we have no way of knowing to whom the animal belongs. Pet owners might even want to consider the electronic ID tags that are inserted in the animal’s skin for easier identification. This procedure can be completed by your veterinarian.

A complete list of our animal control rules and regulations can be found on the City of Basehor Web site, We have a lot of stray animals in the city, and we do our best to protect and provide for everyone’s safety when it comes to animals running loose and at-large. We also strongly encourage everyone to have pets spayed and neutered.


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