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Water shutdown leaves residents angry

February 19, 2009

Customers were without water for longer than expected Thursday when the Bonner Springs Utilities Department ran into some difficulties while replacing a main line valve on Morse Avenue.

During the replacement, the maintenance crew found one valve inoperable. Another valve broke while the crew was trying to shut off water to make the repair. This set of circumstances resulted in the crew having to shut down a number of other valves throughout the area. Because of the unexpectedness of the situation, the Utilities Department wasn’t able to notify all affected customers.

Rick Sailler, utilities director, said though customers might be upset by the situation, the worst the department could do was delay repairing it.

“Delaying our actions to shut off water only delays the entire process. We hope our customers understand the difficulties we have with some of the older lines and valves within the city.”

The valve took an entire work day to repair, a much longer time-period than it would take for a normal valve replacement. The Utilities Department is currently looking at ways to keep customers better informed during emergency water shutdowns.


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