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Happy New Year, Lansing!

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

It is the end of 2008 and it went awfully fast. It was a wonderful year but we are looking forward to 2009 because it is Lansing's 50th Anniversary.

Fifty years ago many of us thought there were more advantages to becoming a city rather than a township form of government. I have mentioned in past articles about the struggles we had when we first became a city because there was no money for two years. We operated on no fund warrants. We had no police department, no place to meet and our streets were covered with cinders that came from the state prison power plant. There were no street signs and no house numbers, no street lights except for the few scattered along Kansas Avenue that had been powered by the prison. The rest of the town was so dark we could see the stars from our back yard. We actually had to walk to the Post Office to get our mail.

U.S. Highway 73 was a two-lane highway. The third city council approved the four-lane highway by a unanimous vote. There were pros and cons by the population regarding this. The biggest improvements over the years were due to the city councils that worked to improve the type of streets from cinders to chip and seal to asphalt.

Lansing just gets better and better. People have moved here and are still moving here partly because of a great school system. Beautiful new homes have been built and our town's valuation has increased because of it. New families demand more services and new services bring more residents who are all very special.

Many celebration events are in the planning stage. The planning committee would love to hear from all of you regarding what you would like to do. Some suggestions could be a musical or play about Lansing in our new auditorium, folks could write songs or poems. A fashion show with 50's costumes would be fun or a parade with lots of floats. How about a car show with 1959 cars?

The list goes on and on, and I think all of your ideas will be fantastic as we have some super talented folks in our town. I’m a member of this committee, and you are welcome to call me at 727-3700.


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