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Letters: Help appreciated during crisis

July 9, 2009

To the editor:

We would like to thank all those who came to our rescue after a criminal act affected our lives, and we want to make others aware of the problem of people trashing our area and environment.

On June 14, someone stopped on Kreider Road and dumped 150 gallons of oil, which flowed into our gravel driveway.

We would like to thank the volunteer firemen from Sherman Township, who responded to our crisis and worked valiantly to contain the oil. They did this in the pouring rain and lightning. Thanks, also, to the sheriff’s department for their quick response.

The Leavenworth County Emergency Management staff, under the direction of Chuck Magaha, spent hours in the stifling heat this past week trying to right the wrong that flowed over us. To Jesse, from the road crew, thanks for caring and giving up your day off to work on our driveway.

According to county officials, this kind of illegal dumping occurs all the time, with all types of waste material. To all those who live out in the surrounding area, be on the watch for suspicious activity or trucks stopped in your area. To anyone who considers dumping waste materials, instead of disposing of them properly, think of others — those who have to clean up and pay for the awful mess you left behind and the permanent damage to the environment.

Doug and Tonya Wiley

Bonner Springs


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