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Letters: Community newspapering

July 16, 2009

To the editor:

Usually you get unhappy subscribers complaining about something. Today we want to thank you. We have been so pleased to feel that the Chieftain is getting back to that community newspaper we need. For years we have felt that in order to get the word out about a community activity, you had to buy an ad. The different organizations we have belonged to wanted to share with the community, yet we felt lucky if we could get a line or two.

Our joy started with the June 18 edition that talked about DBI’s Bonner Blast. The attention to details was wonderful and made us proud of our great tradition. It really came as a delightful surprise to see another article on the celebration in the July 25 edition. And then to read about the United Methodist Church’s Mission Possible in that same edition of the paper just added to our optimistic feeling. Then today we read about the City Band and its legacy under Larry Berg’s leadership.

From those who were interviewed came the real compliment to the newspaper. They especially mentioned Nicole Kelley. She was eager to know more, and her questions were ones of depth and substance, not just what and where. Her commitment is well-framed in her writing. She helps us remember what great community traditions we have as well as how many dedicated people organize those events.

So to the Chieftain we say, “Thank you, and keep up the good work!”

Chuck and Ann Taylor

Bonner Springs


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