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History lover takes lengthy journey for museum idea

July 22, 2009

Florida resident Steven Hawke has found a way to educate people nationwide about his vision of building a 200-mile-long linear American History Museum. However, his method of transportation — walking — is slightly different from the ones typically chosen for long-distance travel.

“We haven’t had any rain yet, so it’s going great,” Hawke said.

Hawke began in mid-May from Malibu, Calif., and is walking a path to Washington, D.C., 3,600 miles in all. Hawke says his reason for the trip is to educate people about the choices they are making and how we can all learn from the past in making our daily choices.

“There’s been a lot of good ideas, and I think we need to look at all of them,” Hawke said. “The way to do that is to engage in conversations about all kinds of issues, and what this museum will allow people to do is engage in some of those conversations.”

One step after another, Hawke continues his trip across the country, with hopes of an American History Museum where all Americans can one day visit and learn.

He says his trip through the Midwest was certainly intentional.

“Most of us all came from rural roots,” Hawke said. “It changes how we see the world … I think maybe we need to refocus ourselves on some of our rural roots, so that’s why I wanted to come through during harvest season.”

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