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Basehor tax rebate a mistake

July 23, 2009

To the editor:

I am writing in regard to the article in the Sentinel on June 18 about the council considering a tax rebate program. I feel it’s a very bad idea for the following reasons.

1. Once you start a rebate program then it always leads to additional rebate programs. They will get the “you did it for them why won’t you do it for us,” problem.

2. It’s true that more people would increase sales tax revenues and add additional children to our school system. But it also means the schools becoming overcrowded and the need for new bond issues for new and additional classroom space. Also, more street and maintenance issues. Since the new people get the tax breaks, it leaves all the existing people to pick up the tax increase burdens of paying for the new items needed to serve the community.

3. We moved here from Wyandotte County in 2002 because they had given so many tax rebates and property tax incentives, the real estate taxes for the residents are the highest in the entire state. Also, the personal property taxes are second to none.

Everyone needs to realize there is no free lunch program. Anything the government gives to someone for free, it takes away from someone else.

Giving tax rebates to one group of citizens while taking tax money from another is called socialism. The council needs to rethink this idea and throw it out the window.

John. R. Foley



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