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Businesses move forward at Bonner development site

July 30, 2009

Progress is moving forward on the Bonner Springs Pointe development project, north of Kansas Avenue and across the street from Wal-Mart.

Tuesday night the Bonner Springs Planning Commission approved the site/landscape plan application for a new 2,770-square foot Burger King to be built in the development, with construction tentatively scheduled to begin by mid-September. Construction on a new Walgreen’s, with a tentative completion date of sometime in January, began this month.

As with all applications of its kind, approval of the landscape plan was granted with the understanding that several conditions made by the Planning Commission would be met by the applicant Chris Hafner, architect with Davidson-Brown, of Lenexa. Some of the conditions were as follows:

• Parking stalls must maintain a 9-foot width. City planner Don Slone further suggested that, since there would be additional room, a 10-foot width for each parking stall be maintained.

• Changes or deviations from the approved site/landscape plan shall require resubmittal to the Planning Department for review and approval. Substantial changes would require re-submittal to the Planning Commission.

• All signage requires a sign permit to be issued by the Planning Department.

• All utilities shall be placed underground.

Hafner, who was on hand during the meeting to answer any questions regarding the application, was agreeable to all the conditions, some of which have already been met, and the landscape plan was unanimously approved. He said the Bonner Springs Burger King would be built with the most modern design available, with a modern-looking tower element for the familiar Burger King sign and multiple colors.

“We’re looking forward to moving forward with this project,” Hafner said.

Though the restaurant will be visible from Kansas Highway 7, some concern was raised about the only entrance leading into the Burger King. The new 129th Street, which is currently under construction and which will allow visitors to turn into the development off of Kansas Avenue, would first bring people into the back side of the restaurant. The concern during the meeting was that this might not lend itself to the best possible immediate viewpoint. Hafner assured the commission signage would be placed in the back as well as a false window to give the building some more decorative touches.

“I think it’s gonna look real nice when that project’s done,” Slone said.

Hafner said the project was expected to be completed and ready for visitors to enjoy their Whoppers by the end of this year.


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