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Letters: Let the coaches coach

June 4, 2009

To the editor:

As a former student athlete of Basehor-Linwood High School, it saddens, yet does not surprise me, to hear word of the school board’s upcoming vote on Dr. Robert Alber’s recommendation to not renew another coach’s contract at BLHS.

None can match Susan Mayberry’s outstanding commitment to the softball program over the last 11 years. Hearing the decision to end her contract angers many in the community. She has played a key role in helping over 30 students continue their goals of reaching a tertiary education as well as making sure they can achieve their goal of playing ball at the next level. Her winning record and commitment to the sport do not justify the conclusion of her coaching career at BLHS. When reflecting on other coach’s records, it seems their records are far worse, yet they retain their coaching positions at BLHS.

This is another apparent example of how parents, who are unhappy with a coach’s starting lineup, can control the decision to end another coach’s career by involving the school board. When parents in this district no longer dictate who coaches and who does not, we may have a few more state championships as we do now in men’s basketball. It is distressing that a group of angry parents can end the leadership in a successful program at the expense of the athletes who are still involved.

I hope one day in our district these unhappy parents can support our teams and let the coaches do their job: coach.

Austin Hunter



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