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The miracle of sound

June 11, 2009

Why do we have two eyes, two ears, and just one nose and one mouth?

This week our visit with the hearing doctor for Ada convinced me there is a reason for having two ears. No matter what the loss of hearing is, they still have to work together.

Through new technology I had the opportunity to see exactly what the inside of the ears looked like. First of all there was no obstruction in the ear and we were able to see all the way into the eardrum. I was told how important each little part is, and that the hair cells inside are what sends impulses to the brain.

Ada has had one hearing aid for 10 years, but the technician was able to adjust a hearing device in each ear to work together and enable her to hear in a more balanced and clearer sound and to be able to pick up tones of words that she had totally missed previously.

Having equal hearing and clarity in both ears also helps one’s balance. All this time Ada thought her eyes were the only problem when walking up and down stairs, but now we find that sound also has just as much importance.

The ear is an extremely complex organ. Scientists are still learning and constantly changing the technology of improving hearing.

After seeing all this it made me look up “ears” on the Internet and what a fascinating subject this is.

The visible part of the ear is the “pinna.” The outer ear is the canal that extends to the eardrum. That helps determine the direction of sound. Humans cannot turn their ears but animals have the ability to turn their ears in the direction of the sound without turning their heads.

We have the ability to pick up certain sounds and voices. Some people hear male voices more clearly than female voices. We also have the ability to turn off certain sounds, too. We enjoy going outside and listening to different birds and local sounds of wind or traffic on a nearby highway. Those of us with good hearing do not realize what a blessing it is.


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