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My wonderful Sony 707 camera

June 25, 2009

One of my hobbies is taking pictures with my digital camera. Throughout the past 25 years we have gone through phases of slides and different video cameras.

A little over seven years ago, we got our first expensive digital camera, the Sony 707. The price then was $1,000 plus memory sticks that cost extra. As the years went by the prices came down, but I would never regret making that purchase. Sony has come out with newer and smaller cameras, but from reading on the Internet about cameras this particular Sony is ranked very high with all the features it has.

I have taken more than 23,000 photos with this camera, and they are now stored on CDs. The great thing about this hobby is the excitement of watching trees change from season to season, Every season is beautiful but my favorite is taking the autumn colors. All the changes from day to day are amazing.

One of the great features of digital photography is being able to take a picture of a large group of people and then pinpoint each individual to bring up close and print out like he or she was the only one there. This is called trimming.

There are so many ways of improving a picture by using available light in a room. Many times using a flash will wash out some of the color. Another good feature of the Sony 707 camera is it has three levels of flash. But it is important to know when to apply each level.

If you take 100 pictures, one of them is bound to be a prize winner and there is a way of protecting that particular one so it can not be accidentally deleted.

You can watch these pictures on your computer using a slide show that varies from three seconds to one minute. You can also look at them using a TV. This is great when you are on vacation to look at the pictures you took during the day. You can add a date or leave it off. These dates are wonderful to have, and it is so easy to forget unless you write it on the back of the picture.

Now after using the camera for so long in full color my latest project is taking a series of people in sepia color for a mural in our new church. I never leave my home without my camera. It is kind of bulky compared to the nice new ones that you can tuck in your pocket now, but I could not get along without my favorite camera.


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