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No pipe-smoking for this octogenarian

March 12, 2009

When I was growing up, I pictured an 80-year-old man sitting in his rocking chair, smoking his pipe and looking out the window and not being able to do much more. First of all I do not smoke and I do not have a rocking chair. Now that I am there I have found it to be totally different. I am an amateur at this age and really do not know how an 80-year-old is supposed to act. I do get up and sit in the sunroom in the morning and watch the neighbor’s cat make her rounds and the squirrels drink water out of the bird bath, along with the birds splashing water all over the place.

Then I have to check my day timer notes to see what’s on the schedule for each day. I would be lost without that day timer, and it suffers much abuse. Some of the things on last week’s schedule included a Dust Storm program at the museum on Saturday, the show at the River City Community Players on Saturday night that was really funny and entertaining, a trip to Kansas City to get my wife’s new glasses, a meeting at City Hall to meet the new State Pride representative, a doctor appointment, a visitation at the funeral home, a Salvation Army meeting and our favorite Senior Computer Class on Wednesday, also a fish fry in Tonganoxie and grandsons’ basketball games, not to mention a weekly visit to our nursing home. Wow! All this time I was getting things ready for my handwriting analysis program for the library at the Activity Center, along with painting a picture a day for 30 days.

Next week’s agenda seems to be just as busy, it never seems to stop. There are always things that we seem to be missing because you cannot be in two places at once. I was particularly upset about missing the Lansing High School girls and boys sub state games. We are so proud of those kids.

Actually, thinking back over the years my whole lifetime has been a “busy” one. I have been fortunate to have had fairly good health. Staying healthy is hard work, but it’s worth it. To all you kids out there under 80, just remember that life is just as exciting at 80 as it is 20.


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