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The art of encouragement

March 26, 2009

I have given much thought about all the people that have had a part in the making of our city. Many I have written about, but there are many more that I have not written about. So many people have come and gone without having the distinction of being well known or famous, but they still have had a big part in my life and the life of Lansing.

This brings to mind my fifth- and sixth-grade teacher, Hazel Higley. She was very important to me as well as all the students she had taught over the years. She helped me develop my skills in art by giving me the assignment of drawing the front-page covers of our class work books. This was quite an honor, and I stayed many a day after school working on these projects. Also, I made a box with a roll of pictures of comic book characters. She even let me take this box to the different classes in the school.

It is amazing that something like this can mold a child’s future by giving him or her that special boost that they need. When we were in school we thought that our teachers were very smart, and in reality they really were. Years later after studying handwriting analysis, I found her writing and discovered that Miss Higley was an intellectual genius. She had all three intelligent traits, by that I mean a great memory, keen comprehension and elevated thinking pattern. Many people have two of these traits but only a few have all three.

We all have the ability to encourage people when we recognize something about them that is special. There is an art exhibit at the Carnegie Arts Center right now, and there are 18 local schools represented. Students of all ages are demonstrating their talents, and we probably know some of the ones involved, so why not take time to stop by and take a look. I know you will be impressed. This show will be available through April 4.

Thanks to Miss Higley and all the other teachers that gave me encouragement, I am still an artist and enjoying it very much.


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