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Mayor abusing position, power

March 26, 2009

To the editor:

On March 16 in the City of Basehor council meeting, Mayor Chris Garcia read and entered into the record a letter of response to The Sentinel’s interview of mayoral candidate and council member Iris Dysart in the Feb. 12 issue. The fact that he is attempting to influence the mayoral election using his office to do so is a serious breach of ethics. The mayor as a private citizen is certainly entitled to express his opinions in anyway he wishes, but he may not represent his position as the position of the city.

Some of the facts cited in the mayor’s letter are incorrect. The letter states that city expenditures have been reduced in each of the last three years. City financial records disclose the following: In 2005 the expenditures were $2,287,226, in 2006 the expenditures were $2,389,159 a 4 percent increase and in 2007 the expenditures were $2,830,731 an 18 percent increase.

All of the governing body is absolutely for increased retail growth in Basehor. We should do all we can to seek additional retail. We should also be absolutely evenhanded in the way we treat all developers and all variances, incentives, etc., should be to the ultimate benefit of all the citizens of Basehor. And, the process should be totally transparent.

We all want the grocery to succeed. However, the store’s success or failure is not the responsibility of the citizens of Basehor. It will succeed if ownership provides strong capital reserves and delivers a selection of quality product at competitive prices in an inviting, attractive facility with outstanding customer service.

Jim Washington

Basehor City Council member


pattydysart 9 years, 2 months ago

Many thanks to councilman Jim Washington for identifying the existing mayors letter read at the council meeting as his own opinion. In the setting of a larger city holding a council meeting the letter he read (which had several more negative staments aimed at Council woman & mayoral candidate Iris Dysart, than the published letter) he could be sued for both libel and slander. The unethical behavior of both Iris' opponent and the sitting mayor should be judged by the voters.


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