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Mother Nature’s miracles

May 21, 2009

We probably picked up 75 gallon of various tree seeds just in our own driveway the last several weeks.  Somehow Mother Nature has a way of knowing when to increase the number of seeds in the spring to start new trees.

Since I have been investigating supplements to improve one’s health, I ran across a Miracle Seed that is gluten free. The name is “Mila” and it was used by the Aztecs before the Spanish arrived about 500 years ago. The Spanish were aware of the reverence the Aztecs had for this plant and its health benefits that they forced them to stop growing it as a way to control them. The benefits of this plant included allergies, skin disorders, skin health, arthritis, gout, diabetes, the immune system, visual function, inflammatory bowel disease. Fifteen grams has Omega 3 fatty acids that equal 9 ounces of salmon. It has antioxidants equal to 15 grams of blueberries. It has fiber equal to 17 grams of bran and Protein equal to 44 grams of kidney beans. It has calcium equal to 3 ounces of whole milk. It has magnesium equal to 73 grams of spinach. The iron is equal to 103 grams of spinach.

This seed is grown in Central America and had to have the right rainfall, right soil, climate conditions so that was the perfect place to grow and harvest. It took 18 years of research to bring this to the market. I have not seen this or tried it but this is just an example of what Mother Nature has on this planet for the help of civilization. How the Aztecs knew way back when just how important it was and the reasons the Spanish made them stop growing it is a mystery to me.

Unfortunately we will not find these seeds in our driveway, but who knows how those millions of seeds we have raked up could be beneficial. I do know we have to have the right nutrition to stay healthy. So many products out there are beneficial, and we all need to investigate.


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