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Edwardsville fourth-graders speak out about veterans

November 5, 2009

Fourth-graders in Anna Lavely’s class at Edwardsville Elementary School were asked for a class assignment to write about “What a veteran means to me,” in preparation for a Veterans Day assembly.

Here are some of the students’ essays:

To me, Veterans Day means thanking and remembering people who risk their lives for our country. They went into war, knowing they might not come back. They are the only ones who stand between us and evil. Without them, we would still belong to England, and the African-Americans would still be slaves. So the next time you are just sitting around, enjoying your own beliefs and your own job in your awesome, free country, remember who made it this way!

— Aaron Vaughn

Veterans Day is a day to remember and honor the brave soldiers who risk their lives every day for Americans. The veterans that fight, fight for freedom. Veterans make me feel proud, grateful, safe and even sad. It makes me sad because the veterans that go to war often tragically die, all for us. Veterans also make me feel cozy and thankful! Thank you!

— Madison Frank

Veterans Day is the day that we honor the soldiers that fought for our freedom. Our heroes, the veterans sacrificed their lives for us and future generations. Their sacrifices ensure our freedom of speech or for women to even fight in the war. We must honor our veterans that made sacrifices for us. Soldiers wake up every morning saying, “Does anyone care about me?” My answer is “yes.”

— Maryam Zlitni

Veterans Day is a day to honor all veterans who have served in the armed forces. So I am very grateful for all veterans who help keep us safe. I’m glad because veterans work or worked so hard to keep us a free country. Sometimes I’m sorrowful because of all the people that have given their lives for our country’s freedom. I believe that all veterans are brave because they were brave to join the armed forces. I would like to thank all veterans that helped us have our freedom.

— Coleton Oakes

Do you know what a veteran is? Veterans are men/women that sacrifice their lives to protect, serve and defend their country. Just think about all the lives that are taken. Think about all the suffering the families go through when a life is taken. When you talk about veterans, say that they served in the armed forces, not just the Army. They give so much for us! Let’s celebrate on Nov. 11, Veterans Day, and thank all that served in the armed forces. They need hope and courage to make it through the war. Veterans do not have to go to a war to be a veteran. Thank you for serving our country. Let’s go, veterans! Remember all that served!

— Nick Passinese

Who started Veterans Day? Who was the first veteran? Did the first veteran fight in a war? These are all important questions, but why are they all about Veterans Day? Because Veterans Day is coming up soon on Nov. 11! Veterans Day is the time to appreciate veterans. We appreciate veterans for fighting for our country. A veteran can be a nurse helping other veterans. A veteran can also be commanders or just be in one of these armed forces: Air Force, Coast Guard, Navy, Army or the Marines. All veterans are very brave, leaving their homes and families knowing they might not ever come back.

Thank you, veterans!

— Zoey Woodrome

My uncle was in the Army. Sometimes I tell him he did a good job and tell him I love him. He lives in Arkansas, and when I see him I give him a big hug. I want everyone that served in the war to be proud of themselves and keep up the good work. Thank you!

— Cameron Brooks

My great-grandpa received a Purple Heart in the Army. He got the Purple Heart because he got injured. He got shot in his shoulder. He served in France, Italy and Germany. My grandpa also served in World War II. I feel sad because he died, but I’m still proud that he fought for our country.

I honor every person that’s fighting for us because they’re risking their life, and you only have one life and many gave up their life for our country.

— Dakota Gibson

Veterans Day used to be called Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day. Some people call it Poppy Day. They call it “Poppy Day” because the veterans that fought for us and they don’t know their name, we call an “Unknown Soldier” and they put red poppies on the tomb.

A veteran is someone who has served in one of the armed forces: like the Army, the Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and the Air Force. They go to war to defend our country and me.

How could you celebrate Veterans Day? Some people have barbecues, some people go to the movies, or play games, and some people go to the cemetery and visit the graves of those who died in war. If you have anybody that’s a veteran, maybe you could talk to them or your parents, grandpa, grandma, or aunt or uncle about them. You can throw a “Welcome Back” party for those serving in a current war.

I think that veterans are brave and strong, and that it is really risky that they chose to fight for our country. Every time the word veteran comes up, I feel like every day I need to honor them, not just on Veterans Day, but every day.

Veterans must have a lot of courage and must feel confident, because they do stuff like fight for us. It makes us remember those who died while fighting. Veterans are really, really important!

— Hailley Nagorney

I have five relatives that were in the Armed Forces. My grandpa was in WWII. He got a Purple Heart. Veterans Day is a day to say “thank you” to those who have fought for our country. Without them, we would not be the land of the free. It is cool what I can learn from my family’s history. It is an honor for me to be in this family.

— Julian Kleminger

People used to call Veterans Day “Armistice Day.” Some people celebrate Veterans Day to honor the soldiers who died or the ones that retired from the Air Force. My family celebrates Veterans Day by having a barbecue, and our grandpa tells us stories about our great-grandfather that was in World War II. Some people go to the cemetery to visit their relatives who died in the war. I think it is an important day to just remember. We remember all the people that have served our country. Thank you!

— Alex Carrillo

Do you have any veterans in your family? How did they go to war? Were they put in war, or did they choose to go? Did they not even fight, but did they still help people serving in the war? If they didn’t even fight but served the country, they are a veteran.

A veteran to me means someone that risked their lives to save me and people all over the world. Lots of people go to war and die. Two people in my family served in the Army, but thankfully they didn’t die. I feel really grateful for them and all others that fought in war to make us free!

— Josiah Crowley

American people love the Army

Ready for whatever happens

Maintaining our freedom

Young and old people respect the Army

— Deandre Jones

People are watching marching warriors

Army people are reading speeches

Red, white and blue colors flying

Awesome uniforms come down the street

Decorated cars and tanks

Everyone who is in the military will be there

Singing the “Star Spangled Banner”

— Tyrell Davis

Freedom for our people

Looking at the colors

Always salute the flag

Giving our respect

— Jirias Xiong

Flag means a lot to us

Learn the pledge to show our pride

All veterans help us

Great people salute our flag

— Michaela Ford

America is a free country because they fought

Responsible for keeping us free

Many soldiers died to save our country

Young people train before they go to war

— Osvaldo Torres

Freedom to our stars and stripes

Learn our rights and responsibilities

Always remind us of our country

Great men and women

Salute our flag

— Dakota Adkins

Veterans gave us freedom

Excited men and women fighting for the USA

They risked lives for us

Excited for our soldiers to come back

Ready to fight

Always protecting us

Never give up

Salute the flag

— Kelso Shiao


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