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Letter: Defending Ag Hall governors

November 25, 2009

To the editor:

Curt Blades, a resigning member of the Ag Hall of Fame board of directors, accuses the new members of the board of governors of spreading misinformation and for the failure of the Ag Hall to live up to its potential. Well, here are some hard facts. I and the other new members have been on the board for less than 60 days.

In August 2007, the board of directors hired a member of their own group to be the CEO and started on what they called a “new direction.” They had over $1 million in cash assets at the beginning of this new direction. That direction has led to a financial mess, and the cash is all gone.

In September, the directors sent out a letter asking the board of governors to vote for an option to give away the facilities and sell off the remaining 125 acres of prime real estate. CEO Tim Daugherty and some of the board of directors stated that the Ag Hall was a failed business model and not worth the money and effort it took to run the facility.

It appeared to me and others that what had failed was the directors’ new plan. This is when we became concerned and decided to get involved. So far our only action has been to ask the board of directors to admit their failure and resign.

Dave Hahner

Bonner Springs


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