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Basehor police urging victims to speak out

October 15, 2009

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence knows no boundaries and can affect anyone. Statistics show that the victims of domestic violence are most often women.

The abuse can range from a single physical assault to living in a daily fear of threats and intimidation. A lot of women don’t report domestic violence cases for fear of retaliation to them or their children. They feel guilty and blame themselves for the violence in their lives.

Some women are also afraid to be alone, without money or resources. They have been abused for many years and their self-esteem has been destroyed.

The goal of the abuser is to make a woman so insecure that she has to rely on the abuser for everything. The abuser has held such power and control over her that she is unable to think of options.

Everyone should pay close attention to friends and family for signs that might indicate that someone is living in a domestic violence situation. Some of these signs can include physical marks or cuts, pulling away from friends and family, changes in children and their demeanor, or signs of depression.

When domestic violence is reported, the Basehor Police Department uses an organization called The Alliance Against Family Violence. This organization provides many services including emergency shelter for those needing a safe place to stay.

During 2008, the Alliance Against Violence responded to 415 domestic calls to help and provide assistance for the victims’ safety.

It is important to remember that domestic violence is a crime and should be reported. If you are a victim of domestic violence, call 911, or if you are wanting some information about the Alliance Against Family Violence, call their 24-hour crisis line at (913) 682-9131.


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