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Basehor trash service prepares for changes

September 3, 2009

Effective Sept. 14, Basehor residents can expect their trash to be picked up on a different day than usual.

As part of an ongoing process in the Kansas and Missouri areas to create more efficiency in trash pickup, Deffenbaugh Industries will reduce its weekly number of trash and recycling pickup days. That means trash will be picked up in Basehor on Wednesday instead of Monday and Friday as it was previously.

Tom Coffman, spokesperson for Deffenbaugh, said the benefits of reducing trash pickup days will include everything from better fuel efficiency to less tearing up of the roads. He said that oftentimes with the old system, there were more trucks out than needed to be on any given day and they would often overlap each other unnecessarily.

“It just makes good sense for all parties,” Coffman said. “This is something we’ve been doing in big cities, little cities across Kansas and Missouri.”

Coffman said the current routing change covers an eight-city area, including Basehor, Lansing and Tonganoxie, with 9,400 residential stops. The system will work, Coffman said, because trucks will have more specific routes on trash day.

“One crew might be spread out all over the place,” he said of the old system. “So it’s just more focused, more coherent. It’s just better utilization of the existing resources.”

Despite the change, many Basehor residents don’t foresee any problems.

Gloria Batesel said she and her husband heard about the change Monday, and they didn't mind.

“It's just fine," Batesel said. "I don't imagine it will affect us too much.”

The new pickup day might solve a few issues with household garbage, Basehor resident Mike Wilson said.

“I think it will be good to have it picked up on Wednesday because that way there's less stuff laying around on the weekend,” Wilson said. “And not having it on Monday or Friday anymore could eliminate problems with holidays and not getting trash picked up on those days.”

Coffman said the key to a smooth transition in all of this was communication, and to that end, Deffenbaugh sent out notices this week and will send out another round of notices next week. He said taking out the element of surprise is what has kept everyone involved happy with the change.

“Actually it’s gone surprisingly smooth everywhere we’ve done it,” Coffman said. “It doesn’t really matter the size of the community. It all hinges on no surprise for the residents, no surprise for the city officials.”

For more information, contact Deffenbaugh at (913) 631-3300.


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