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Letters: Make cancer care affordable

September 3, 2009

To the editor:

Cancer patients across the country are digging deep into their savings and risking financial ruin to pay for lifesaving treatment and care. One in four families affected by cancer says they have had to put off or delay care in the last year because of cost, according to the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

We cannot reduce death and suffering from cancer if we do not improve access to quality, affordable health care across the country. Too many cancer patients are delaying or forgoing critical screenings and treatments because of problems accessing care.

I urge U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins to guarantee quality, affordable insurance available to all Americans.

Health reform is about saving lives and it is too important to stall now. We need Congress to put aside partisan politics and act now, not later, on behalf of all of their constituents who have cancer, or who could get cancer — in other words, all of us. No cancer patient should ever be force to make a decision between saving their life or their lifesavings.

Sue Jirkovsky-Landers

American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteer and cancer survivor



Jason Bailey 8 years, 8 months ago

Would you like it to be free or at a dramatically reduced cost depending on a person's ability to pay? If so, watch research of treatments and possibly a cure dry up overnight. What drives innovation in a capitalistic society? The potential reward in dollars. Take that away and people will be stuck with the current crop of chemo and radiation treatments from here until the sun explodes.

Why would Lynn Jenkins guarantee insurance? Why not just go all the way and say that the Govt will simply cover costs?

No one wants to see a patient stricken with cancer lose their life savings or not have the ability to seek out life-saving treatment but it is not my responsibility to pay for care for everyone in America. I have the same gripe about Medicare but it's not going anywhere. I can say something about Govt run healthcare since it's not yet in place.

You better start a movement to amend the Constitution because there's no where in that document where healthcare is a right.


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