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Healing arts

April 1, 2010

I just read an article in the February issue of the Kansas City Enhance Health and Wellness Magazine regarding the benefits of art therapy of using sight and sound.

I have known high school graduates to be thinking about making art therapy as a careerand after reading about this I decided to get online and investigate. Locally, the Truman Medical Center on Hospital Hill in Kansas City has a center for healing arts that incorporates visual, performing, communicative and relationship arts as a form of learning, expression and healing for patients and employees. This is not only visual but musical.

Some of the healing arts features at Truman Medical Center are:

  • First Friday Concerts are held every month in the Hospital Hill Lobby and bring local and national talents to the patients and employees.
  • The Healing Arts Gallery. This is a rotating display of paintings, murals, sculpture and photography.
  • The Healing Gardens—A therapeutic environment for our Behavioral Health Clients.
  • Healing Ceilings—Custom-painted ceiling tile promotes the therapeutic quality of space.
  • Art on A Cart — Bedside activity with no interruption to medical treatment.
  • Employee Art Shows—they have a designated employee art gallery to share their various art forms with employees and visitors.
  • A book club — Employee groups discuss ideas generated from their reading of fictional and nonfictional works.
  • Feature Artists Receptions — Local artists are introduced through receptions readily attended by community members, staff and patients.

Locally our own Leavenworth County Artists Association shares their art work in a corridor of Cushing Hospital and in the hallways of the Medical Building on Progress Drive in Lansing.

Also, we have noticed the large pictures in the hallways of our own Golden Living Center in Lansing. That gives the patients a lot of pretty things to look at. Also, there is a lovely lady who reads to the patients on a weekly basis and the patients love that. And of course, there are musical groups that come and entertain with a variety of songs and sing-alongs. I don’t think any of us realize how important all of this is for the patients.

There are many schools available for a student who wants to receive a degree in art therapy, and it is much needed.


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