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Letters: Eyesore worries

April 15, 2010

To the editor:

In the April 8 issue (of the Basehor Sentinel) there was an article about the Dollar General coming to Basehor.

(Planning Commissioner Ed) Bush made a comment on the sign going to be out front. Gee whiz! I somewhat agree it isn’t the prettiest, but I’ve seen worse. I do however suggest he get out of his cushy chair and drive around the city. There are a lot more eyesores in Basehor than a black, yellow and red sign. There’s one just up the street on the east side of 155th Street. I’m not going to call out other properties, but you should look.

Tom Steele



BSmith 8 years, 1 month ago

I suppose your speaking about the old gas station...well that has been around so long and the ones in charge then obviously didn't think about the impression or the look that it would leave on this town it's to late to change that now. The biggest problem is that some people find it very, very, very difficult to see into the future at what our town could look like or should look like, did I mention very....I think Commissioner Bush makes a very valid argument It will be a very out of place and very ugly building right in the middle of what could be the new "DOWNTOWN BASEHOR". What's really a shame is that Edwardsville is requiring their new Dollar General be completely stone and stucco, call them thats what I did, and Basehor is getting the stripped down metal sided, ugliest thing you've ever seen right in the middle of town...I wonder what the people in the subdivision behind it will think when they get to look at it everyday. Or wait even better, what will the development across the street look like. I want to know how come no one on the Planning Commission or the City Council viewed this prior to construction beginning and since they didn't who approved it then??


Dennis Mertz 8 years ago

It comes before the Council for the first time this Monday 5/17 for approval of the lot split. You will have to confirm with the City Administrator why we could not ask for a better facade but I believe it fell outside the guidelines set back in 2003. I the planning commission is working on updating these to better the future of the City.

Dennis Mertz Council Member City of Basehor


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