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Brides and bridal registries

April 22, 2010

Now is the time to think of summer weddings and June brides. This reminds me of the time 60 years ago when Ada and I were planning our June wedding.

In a small town the Bridal Registry was unheard of. Girls back then had to plan ahead to get the things they really wanted. There were home parties or salesmen that came door to door to show such wonderful necessary items as aluminum pots and pan sets and lovely 4-plate silverware, both of which she purchased and back then we could pay as little as $10 or $15 a month until paid for, with no interest yet.

Now things are totally different. Gone are the days when the bride would get duplicate silverware sets, toasters, coffee pots etc. It was the bride’s duty to make the exchanges without hurting feelings, so it had to be done very discreetly.

The bridal registry saves all that hassle. I decided to do a little research about that on the internet and was totally fascinated about what I found.

The first bridal registry was created in 1924 by the department store Marshal Fields based in Chicago. It was a fantastic idea, and it was not long when other stores followed in its footsteps. It was a winning situation for the bride as well as the store to give hints as to what was really wanted or needed.

The next big step in history of the registry did not occur until 69 years later in 1993 when Target put its Bridal Registry on the Internet and it made the task even easier for the bride’s friends and family. They did not have to leave the comfort of their home to shop for a gift; they could simply surf the online store that had the brides list and shop at their leisure. That is done a lot today.

This is always an excellent idea because brides can register at more then one store and it gives the buyer the option of shopping at Sak’s Fifth Avenue or Wal-Mart and everything in between, whatever their budget dictates.

As the old saying goes, “blessed be the bride that the sun shines on”, and as far as I am concerned, the sun shines on every bride, rain or shine.


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