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Library announces website at chamber

April 22, 2010

The Basehor Community Library is stepping up to give its patrons a center for information.

At the April 15 Basehor Chamber of Commerce meeting, library director Carla Kaiser talked about the vision of a community website where residents and visitors could go for information about all aspects of the community.

The library recently conducted planning sessions during which members of the community provided feedback about the library currently and suggestions for the future. One of the ideas that sprung from these sessions was a community website, one central location for people to gain knowledge about the community.

“There was discussion there isn’t much of a community feeling in Basehor,” Kaiser said of the planning session. “It’s so spread out, and our services are so spread out. There was a feeling there was this disjointed identity that needed to come together.”

To answer the call, the library is attempting to become a community center, starting with this website. People will be able to use the library’s services both online and at the building to find what they need.

“Our core mission is a facilitation of knowledge,” library board member Lynn McClure said. “We’re trying to create an identity, something people can connect with locally and say, ‘That’s my town. That’s my library.’”

Rather than reposting information about all the area’s businesses, organizations and services, the library plans to have an easily navigable site with links to other websites.

“Why reinvent the wheel?” McClure said. “The school district already has a great website, the chamber already has a great website. We’ll just tie all those sites together so it’s easy for people to find everything.”

Both Kaiser and McClure said the website fit in quite well with the increased emphasis on technology that has been sweeping the country.

“In the next 20 years, people aren’t going to be looking to pull a book off the shelves and check it out,” McClure said. “They’ll want to download something to their computer or handheld.”

The site will be modeled somewhat after an online page Kaiser found,, with basic information displayed all the time and announcements and events changing daily or weekly.

“We want this website to be easy, intuitive and exhaustive,” Kaiser said.

The library board meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month, and McClure and Kaiser encourage people to attend these meetings to share their opinions about the library now and its website in the future.

“We’re very open to input,” McClure said. “We welcome people to come to our board meetings. Please share with others we want your involvement, we want your feedback about what we’re doing.”


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