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LCDC on its way to achieving goals

August 5, 2010

Half way through the year and Steve Jack said the Leavenworth County Development Corporation is on its way to meeting its goals.

On Aug. 28, Jack, executive director of the LCDC, met with area investors at La Mesa Mexican Restaurant in Lansing to update them on their progress.

Jack measured the LCDC’s progress with a scorecard that highlighted eight strategic objectives for 2010.

“This was an attempt by us to measure our progress in meeting the goals set forth by the quarterly report,” Jack said.

The measured objectives were: Becoming a positive center of influence with partners; develop and implement a plan for business and job retention; develop and implement a workforce development program in the county; develop a marketing plan and branding for the county; implement business attraction and recruitment program; attempt to get earmarks from D.C.; increase financial support from membership while increasing membership; and creating jobs in the county.

These were objectives developed by the LCDC board in 2009.

According to the scorecard and Jack, the LCDC is on its way to hit most of its goals.

Despite no longer making individual quarterly reports to partner county entities, the LCDC staff has attended at least 101 organizational meetings, far exceeding their goal of 40.

They also planned on getting 10 county businesses to utilize assistance programs.

Jack said Victoria Rowely, the LCDC’s economic development coordinator, has already met that goal.

They have also worked to help businesses receive training grants and offered another classroom to career event in the county.

Getting the LCDC name and information about the county to area, national and even international businesses is still a work in progress for the LCDC.

The scorecard shows that increasing traffic to the new LCDC website,, has slowed down in the first half of the year. Their goal was to increase web traffic by 120 visitors a month from 245 visitors a month to 365 monthly visitors by the end of the year. So far that number has fallen since the first quarterly report from 251 to 248.

Their goal of also increasing the open rate for their newsletter by 5 percent has also hit a slump. Their target goal of a 37 percent open rate was met in the first quarter (39 percent) but in the second quarter it has fallen to 34 percent.

The LCDC has also met its goal of responding to at least 10 available building sites and project proposals, hosting at least four prospect visits, attracting one new business to the county (Central Bag) and creating or retaining at least 100 jobs in the county.

They have almost reached their goal of increasing LCDC membership to 55 entities (currently 52); increasing private sector funding to $40,000 (currently $34,940), and generating at least 50 prospect leads (currently 32).

About the only objective that has not had any progress is the county’s goal to get some federal earmarks to help spur economic development in the county. This report was marked on the scorecard with a red 0 percent.

“It may show up red for a year, it may show up in red for two years,” Jack said. “But if it shows up in up red for three, four or five years, maybe we shouldn’t be doing that.”

Even with many successes, Jack told the LCDC members that they will continue to improve their numbers and not “take the afternoon off,” when they reach their goals.


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