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Pet peeves

August 12, 2010

I am usually a patient man, but there are certain things that irritate me to death. We all have “pet peeves” and here are a few of mine.

I hate being in a buffet line behind a bunch of ladies who cannot make up their minds about what they want to eat. They look and look and pick and finally choose an item only to go through the same with the next item. What is worse are those that go through a buffet line and fill their plates to the brim, only to leave most of it on the plate to be thrown out, then go back and get a dessert. I was taught as a child to eat what was on my plate, and not take what I could not eat.

I also get upset when I hear parents ask a 3- or 4-year-old, “What do you want to eat, honey." Then a few minutes or so later the child mentions something, only to say after it arrives and has taken a bite or two, “I don’t want any more.”... I guess that’s where big brothers and dads come in handy to finish it up.

Have you ever noticed driving through piles of grass that has been cut and thrown out into the street? That drives me nuts. I would think they would notice this and learn to cut the grass so it will go back into the yard. Evidently their dads didn’t tell them. Of course they could get a broom and sweep it off, but I have never seen that happen.

Just having come back from a long trip, I can’t help but notice how messy people are in restrooms. My wife complains about the same thing: papers everywhere and splashes all over the sink. She once told me about a nice lady who was trying to clean up the sink after herself, only to be reprimanded by another “lady” harshly, “do you work here? Are you being paid to do that?” Obviously, her mother never taught her to always leave something better than you find it. If everyone would be a little more thoughtful, none of us would be subjected to a messy restroom. That includes highway rest stops and other public places as well.

Having just turned 82, I guess I am getting sort of touchy in my old age. I could go on and on with this subject but better quit now before I get myself in trouble.


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