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Man 0, Papa Bob’s 1 in national TV challenge

Bob Caviar, far left, owner of Papa Bob's BBQ in Bonner Springs, watches the Man v. Food episode featuring his restaurant Wednesday night with a crowd of customers and supporters.

Bob Caviar, far left, owner of Papa Bob's BBQ in Bonner Springs, watches the Man v. Food episode featuring his restaurant Wednesday night with a crowd of customers and supporters.

August 19, 2010

Papa Bob's Man v. Food watch party

Papa Bob's BBQ customers clap as the Man v. Food episode featuring the Bonner Springs restaurant comes to an end. Following the conclusion of the episode, Bob Caviar, owner of Papa Bob's places a photo of Adam Richman, host of Man v. Food, on the "Wall of Shame" of people who failed the Ultimate Destroyer Challenge. Enlarge video

Customers and supporters crowded into Papa Bob’s BBQ restaurant to watch the premiere of the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” episode featuring the Bonner Springs restaurant.

Barely a seat was left in the restaurant Wednesday, Aug. 11, as excitement filled the air in the minutes leading up to the beginning of the show. Once images of Bob Caviar, owner of Papa Bob’s, came on screen, the crowd broke out in applause and cheers as the excitement continued throughout the next 30 minutes of the show.

Adam Richman, host of Man v. Food, visited the restaurant on May 12 to tape the Papa Bob’s episode. Richman was there to battle the Ultimate Destroyer Challenge, a 12-inch sandwich, filled with four-and-a-half pounds of meat that must be finished within 45 minutes to claim victory. During the episode, Richman also visited Kansas City favorites Oklahoma Joes and Stroud’s.

The secret about whether or not Richman completed the Papa Bob’s challenge was kept under wraps until last Wednesday’s airing.

In the end, Richman was not able to claim victory and Caviar was forced to post a picture of the TV host on the “Wall of Shame” of people unable to finish the beast of a sandwich.

As the show came to an end and the crowd began to dissipate, Caviar took a seat in a booth and expressed his relief to have the show finally aired. From the beginning of the process in January, when Caviar first found out he was being considered for the show, to keeping the secret of the challenge results, Caviar said it felt good to have the pressure off his shoulders.

But it was the support of his loyal customers that really had him on cloud nine the night of the show’s airing, as everyone in the restaurant made their way to his side to offer their congratulations.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am that we were one of the few chosen for the chance to be on a national program,” Caviar said. “Things like this don’t happen every day.”

Caviar said he thought the way the show came together was “fantastic.” He said he was glad to see that a lot of his friends and family who were invited to the taping of the show were shown on camera in the actual episode.

Already, Caviar said he’s seen an increase in customers since word got out his restaurant would be featured on “Man v. Food.” That early response has him looking forward to what’s to come.

“It’s going to be tough if we continue to have days like this,” Caviar said as he looked around his packed restaurant. “People will need to be patient with us as things change, but we’ll do our best.”

Attending the watch party was Robert Oelschlaeger, of Linwood, who said he was happy for the increased success the “Man v. Food” appearance was sure to bring Papa Bob’s.

Oelschlaeger’s family used to own the Papa Bob’s restaurant before it was purchased by Caviar and renamed. Oelschlaeger said it felt good to see his family’s business continue to flourish.

“It’s still home,” he said. “It’s great to see what it was before and what (Caviar) has done with (the restaurant).”

Oelschlaeger said the show would just be one more way the Papa Bob’s name would get out to the community and become an important stop for Kansas City visitors.

“It’ll be nothing but a plus for not only Papa Bob’s but for the community,” Oelschlaeger said. “Bonner could have the opportunity to grow and even bring in new businesses.”

For those who missed it, the “Man v. Food” episode featuring Papa Bob’s can be viewed by clicking here.


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