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Honor the community givers

August 26, 2010

To the editor:

One truth that cannot be forgotten is that children greatly determine how much you care about them by seeing how much time you spend with them. While I by all means saw this put into practice by my own parents, a drive through my old summer ballpark got me thinking about a man who I believe needs to be honored because of his commitment of time to the youth of Bonner Springs: “Tank” Groves.

As my wife and I pulled up to field #3 in Lions Park, it hit me: “This should be Groves Field.” And the other fields should also be named after two others who have dedicated so much time in the lives of Bonner's youth.

It was far too soon that we had to say goodbye to Tank. For years, he coached kids in Bonner's summer ball program and I had the joy of being on his team many times. I was thrilled to see that Butch Foster Sr. will be remembered through a high school tournament in his name and I think the town must by all means remember the service of Tank Groves, as well. Both of those men played a major role in my childhood, as they did with so many others.

More than anything, what makes Bonner Springs a great town are the people who have invested time in it. As much as possible, those who serve the most must be remembered lest we forget the lessons they taught us.

Nathan Hylton

Louisville, Ky.


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