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Kiwanis Club picks up litter in “adopt-a-street” program

August 30, 2010

Lansing Kiwanis members continue to honor their commitment to the city's “Adopt a Street" litter collection program.

Earlier this year, the Kiwanis adopted West Mary Street from Main Street to DeSoto Road.  On Saturday, the Kiwanis collected litter from roadsides on West Mary Street. 

 The program requires a two-year commitment with an option to renew.  For adopted streets, the city will remove the litter bags the next business day after each pick up and will erect a sign at each end of the adopted street section recognizing the adopting organization.  Safety vests and trash bags are furnished by the city.

Other interested groups may contact the Lansing Public Works Department at (913) 727-2400 for more information.


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