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The ‘un-bucket’ list

December 16, 2010

Watching the movie “Bucket List” recently added a new term to our vocabulary. It seems that a bucket list is a list of things that someone wants to accomplish before they “kick the bucket,” or die. In the movie, a couple of older guys do a variety of things, including parachute jumping and other challenging events. While I have no problem with the idea, I have known some of my fellow senior citizens who have done some amazing things and taken some exciting trips and I think that’s great. So one day, I came up with my “unbucket list.”

This is a list of things that I didn’t do when I was young and have no intention of doing now that I’m very, very mature. It’s not that there is anything wrong with these things, and I certainly don’t condemn others who enjoy them. There are some things that just aren’t for me.

First, I have no plans to go skiing or ice skating. I never wanted to do either when I was young, and I certainly won’t venture on the slopes or skating rink now that I’m on the other side of middle age. The reason is simple — I don’t like being cold or wet, and I never really enjoyed falling down. When it’s frigid outside you’ll find me sitting in my warm home enjoying a good book or sporting event on television.

Second, I have no interest in Facebook, twittering, tweeting or whatever else there is that falls into those categories. I know parents who tell me it is beneficial to them to always remain in contact with teenagers, and I guess that is a good thing. Recently I was asked about how people could get in touch with me since I’m among the “un-Facebooked and Twittered.” Actually, the answer is very simple — I have a landline telephone, a cell phone, two e-mail addresses and I receive plain, old snail mail at my home address. I can’t be that hard to find since every telemarketer and Internet spam marketer seems to have no problem.

Third, you’ll never see me owning a convertible or a motorcycle, either. Now, again, I know lots of folks who enjoy convertibles or motorcycles and have a lot of fun driving along and enjoying a pleasant ride, and I think that’s wonderful. In the case of an accident, however, I want as much steel, plastic and foam rubber as possible between me and hard concrete.

Fourth, I will never attend a heavy-metal rock concert. Quite frankly, if I listen to music it is either classical or “old time” 50s songs. If you like concerts and modern music, that’s fine, but not for me.

So do I have anything on a bucket list? Well, I would like to see Bonner Springs win another state championship in any sport. It would be great to see the Royals in another World Series, and I would enjoy being at Kauffman Stadium when they cinch the title. Of course, the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl is also on my list.

Well, yes, I’d want to return to doing the simple things. I enjoy gardening, lawn mowing and puttering around the yard, and I will be doing all that again next summer. I enjoy being busy and I have no intention of slowing down. I want to wear out, not rust out.

However, what I would like most is to live long enough to see all seven of my grandchildren educated, married and in successful careers. I’d enjoy being able to know my great-grandchildren. Doing that would make my life complete. I also hope to be married at least 70 years.

I plan to enjoy every minute that I live. I’m going to have a great life, and I hope you will too.


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