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Letter to the editor: Simple reason for serving

December 23, 2010

To the editor:

There are many reasons that people have for serving or not serving in the military. I have a long list of reasons for why I serve in the military. I am going to share the most important reason with you: I serve in the military because I love America.

America is great because it provides to its citizens individual freedoms. We as Americans have social and economic opportunities that no other nation can duplicate. It is easy to say you love America, but I choose to show it, which is why I serve in the military.

You may not be able to serve in the military but you can still love and show your love of America. I challenge you to show your love of America by doing what you can to make America better because your positive actions in your community can make a dramatic difference for the nation.

Maj. Charles Ayers

Fort Leavenworth


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