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A great Christmas 2010

December 30, 2010

Well, Christmas is over. It came and went in spite of never being quite ready or getting all the things done that had been planned for so long.

The problem at our house is that the kids and grandkids all got bigger and added family members, but the house stayed the same size. Therefore, we had to move and eliminate unneeded furniture. The coffee table ended up on its side between the bed and dresser in the spare bedroom. Everything else that would move went to the basement, which automatically nixed anyone going down there. It was a disaster. Besides that, we kept the door closed because our beautiful 10-month-old twin great-granddaughters were crawling around and six older great grandkids under age 6 weaving their way around the 22 or so adults ranging from age 14 to 82 (that being me).

What fun! How lucky can we be to have that many family members in one house at the same time? Only one grandson, Tyler and his wife, who live in Colorado, was not able to be with us.

The gift choices they have nowadays is mind boggling, to say the least. All the grandkids have i-Phones or contraptions that they can communicate with their friends all over the country or better yet, it’s just like having a miniature computer and they can take pictures or movies whenever they want.

I have so much trouble trying to keep up with all the new technology. One of my gifts was a “Java press” carafe that can make several cups of coffee in a matter of four minutes. All you need is some 200-degree water and a few tablespoons of coarse coffee.

And the American Eagle Brand trapper hat our son got is the funniest looking thing I ever saw but it has got to be the warmest too.

Worst of all, my wife put me in the dog house when she opened the floor steamer I gave her. Just how romantic is that?

All in all it was wonderful just having the family together. We love Christmas, the music and happiness at church and greetings from all our friends. It is the most beautiful time of the year.

Have a happy and peaceful 2011.


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