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Basehor-Linwood lifters have record-setting day at home invitational

February 11, 2010

Meet records fell throughout the day Saturday as Basehor-Linwood powerlifters competed at their home invitational.

The BLHS girls continued to dominate the competition, winning their 14th consecutive meet. The Bobcats’ best event in the meet was the hang clean.

“(Out of) 11 weight classes we set records in 10 of them in the hang clean,” coach Ross Schwisow said.

The hang clean is the lift the team emphasizes the most because it is the most athletic of the three lifts (hang clean, bench press, squat) and requires sound technique. The lift is most beneficial for the athletes who compete in other sports.

Individually, Megan Rehm had a tremendous meet for the Bobcats, setting a record in the clean event at 190 pounds. She won the total weight competition with 545 pounds lifted in the three lifts.

The clean mark set a meet record and is a national caliber lift, Schwisow said.

Meet records fell throughout the girls division.

Alyssa Record in the 105-pound division set a meet record in the squat at 170 pounds. Dakkota Edmonds set records in total weight lifted at 335 pounds and in the clean at 100 pounds.

Shelby Miles in the 105 division set a record in the bench with 100 pounds. Haley Matthers at 123 won the total weight lifted, clean and bench. She set a record in the bench.

Kayla Peterson set records in total weight lifted with 515 pounds, squat, 220, and clean at 165 in the 132-pound division.

Melissa Seaman at 148 set a record and won for total weight lifted at 615 pounds, squatting 300 pounds. She also won the clean event.

Brittany Billinger at 156 won the squat with a lift of 230 pounds. In the power weight division, Shelby Witt won the clean and set a record at 175 pounds.

“It was a tremendous day for the whole team,” Schwisow said. “I was very pleased to see how much we improved and how motivated we have been in practice because of how well we have been doing. It was a great day.”


The BLHS boys fell to Topeka High by two points Saturday at their home invitational.

Topeka High had lifters place first, second and third in the 220-pound weight class, which was the difference in the meet.

A week earlier, Topeka High won by a narrow margin and Schwisow said the rivalry is good for his program.

“The competition makes us all better,” he said. “We set a lot of personal records trying to catch them.”

Jon Schewmon led the Bobcats. He squatted 500 pounds and was trailing Phillip Chappell of Turner by 120 pounds in total weight following the lift. Chappell squatted 620 pounds.

In the other two lifts, though, Shewmon made up 105 pounds and narrowly lost the competition. He won the clean and bench events. He bench pressed 320 pounds on the day, which was a meet record.

Shewmon was able to hang clean 305 pounds, but failed on his attempt at 315.

Cory Stephens won total squat and clean in his division, setting meet records in both events. Deric Brannan won the 140-pound class in the junior division and set a new meet record in the bench press.

Other event winners were Michael Torrez in the 114-pound class for total weight, bench, squat and clean. Corry Stephens, 123, set meet records in total weight at 620 pounds, squat at 240 and clean at 225.

Brandon Ogden placed first in the 165-pound division for total weight and squat. Brandon Eberth placed first at 173 in the bench.

This was the fourth year for the event and might have been the best meet the school has hosted, Schwisow said. They had 370 lifters participate and alumni from K-State, Ottawa, Baker, St. Mary’s and numerous other schools helped run the meet. Building staff also helped with the meet.

The Bobcats’ freshman and sophomores will compete at Lyndon on Saturday, and the varsity team will compete at West Franklin on Feb. 20.


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