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Letters: Kindness found at MLK event

February 25, 2010

To the editor:

The Martin Luther King celebration on Jan. 18 was such a wonderful event. But the incident that happened at the end of the celebration will speak to me spiritually forever.

I had noticed a beautiful angel pin on the coat of the lady in front of me. After the program, I leaned over and told her how beautiful it was and inquired as to where it was purchased. The angel of a woman took it off and gave it to me — a stranger! All I could do was stand there and protest and stutter. She assured me that she wanted me to have it and remember what Dr. Martin Luther King stood for. In my embarrassment, I didn’t ask her name.

I am hoping she will read this letter and know that I wear the angel daily and have committed myself to look for ways to follow Dr. King’s teaching through community as our speaker that day so eloquently spoke.

Ann Taylor

Bonner Springs


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