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Bah, humbug’

January 21, 2010

If I were asked to give my opinion of winter weather and particularly this year, I would paraphrase the world’s most famous curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge. I would categorize winter weather simply: “bah, humbug.” Actually those are milder terms than I would use.

Much of December and January has been horrible. Not only were we inundated with snow, we had subzero temperatures. It was a time when much of the metro area ground to a standstill and everything from meetings and schools to church services were canceled. It certainly was a time when “cabin fever” reached an epidemic level. In general, most of us were grumpy and longing for just average temperatures.

I sincerely hope that the words of the popular Christmas song are changed to, “I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas.” The inclement weather certainly caused a lot of problems and left me almost angry when I looked back at the problems that it caused.

I’m sure that like thousands of others, Christmas celebrations were changed. For us, Christmas Eve is normally a big time with our children and grandchildren and includes the evening service at the First Christian Church. This year that was all scrubbed. First, church was canceled and our youngest daughter, Angela, and family couldn’t make it in from Lawrence. This was the first time our family had not been together on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day was changed, too. Our middle daughter and her family weren’t able to go to Carrollton, Mo., and had to wait until Dec. 26. The weather in Texas resulted in them having to leave a day early the next week to get ahead of an ice storm.

I have said this before, but the only saving factors for winter are the New Year’s football games, Super Bowl, college and high school basketball. The weather also prevented me from seeing some of my grandsons’ games, too. Winter is simply “bah, humbug.”

Because schools were closed for several days due to inclement weather, the Christmas vacation was extended, which I’m sure the school kids enjoyed. There is some bad news, however. These days will have to be made up in some fashion.

The area was smacked time after time with ice and snow storms. In our case, the weather caused a great deal of work. We had to worry about keeping the parking lot and sidewalks at the Chieftain building clear. I know how treacherous ice can be since I had a couple of falls. Winter is definitely “bah, humbug.”

Cancellations were the rule all during the period. I wonder how many people had practiced for hours preparing music, etc., for church or other programs only to have their efforts buried in a deluge of snow?

I particularly disliked the weekend of Jan. 9-10. Not only was it cold and still slippery, but Kansas State and Kansas both lost basketball games and my favorite TV show, “Jay Leno” was canceled. Yet, that weekend you could see the light at the end of the tunnel with better temperatures in the forecast.

Fortunately, we were nice and warm during the unpleasant period, but like thousands of others, I am wondering just how high the utility bills will be, another “bah, humbug.”

There were some good things about the storm, I guess. Since I spent more time at home, I really enjoyed the televised sporting events. I read a couple of good books and we watched some outstanding movies. In addition, I cleaned out my desk at home, which was a task that had been postponed hundreds of times.

There is one thing for sure — we cannot control the weather. As it has been since the beginning of time, nature still controls our lives. While I was griping about the weather, I looked at the calendar and saw a glimmer of hope — it is just a little over ten weeks until Easter and the start of spring.


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