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Five Questions: Giving Back

Basehor students help Haiti relief effort

January 28, 2010

Glenwood Ridge Elementary Principal Jan Hancock talks about the school’s plans to raise money for relief efforts in Haiti on its 100th day of class.

Q: Why did GRES decide to dedicate its 100th day of class to this cause?

A: Kindergarten has traditionally celebrated the 100th day of school each year. Kindergarten teacher, Allison Budimlija, asked if she could organize this for the school.

Q: Will the whole school be participating in the challenge to raise money for Haiti relief efforts?

A: Yes. The goal is for every class to earn money at home and bring their donations on Feb. 3.

Q: How will teachers suggest students raise money?

A: Children are encouraged to do chores at home and donate the money they earn.

Q: Can people outside GRES get involved?

A: We have not promoted this in the community, but would welcome all donations.

Q: How much total does the school hope to raise, and where will it be donated?

A: There are 14 classrooms and if each room meets their goal of $100 we will be able to contribute $1,400 to the Haiti relief effort (Red Cross). The parents of Glenwood Ridge Elementary have been very supportive of helping others in the past and I anticipate that they will open their hearts and support their children in raising money for this cause.


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