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Kansas Day trivia

January 28, 2010

With Kansas Day just around the corner, I thought that it might be fun to test our knowledge of local history. Here are some trivia questions about Bonner Springs, Basehor and Edwardsville that I hope will challenge you:

Q: When were the three cities incorporated?

A: Bonner Springs was officially incorporated in 1898 after a lengthy battle with Wyandotte County. Edwardsville became a city in 1915 with virtually no opposition. Basehor wasn’t officially incorporated until 1965, although Reuben and Ephraim Basehor started the town company in 1889.

Q: Who was the first mayor of each of the communities?

A: Philo Clark, who led the fight for incorporation, was Bonner’s first mayor. H. C. Barger was the first mayor of Edwardsville. Ralph E. Bryan was the first mayor of Basehor, serving from 1965 to 1969.

Q: Who was the longest serving mayor of each of the three cities?

A: Frank D. Tyson has the local record, serving as mayor of Edwardsville from 1933 to 1949. Ted Stolfus was the mayor of Bonner Springs from 1989 to 2001. Joe Odle was the mayor of Basehor from 1989 to 1995.

Q: What three men who were nominated for President of the United States made documented visits in the area?

A: Sen. Bob Dole was in all three communities and spoke twice at the mayor’s banquet in Bonner Springs. When he was serving as vice president, Hubert Humphrey was in Bonner Springs and dedicated the Agricultural Hall of Fame.

The most fascinating presidential candidate to visit the area was William Jennings Bryan.

Q: Can you name the persons who have served as fulltime city managers in Bonner Springs and city administrators in Edwardsville?

A: While there have been interim city managers, the fulltime ones are: Randy Gustafson, Bob Evans, Tom Cooley, Weldon Padgett and Jack Helin. Edwardsville city administrators have been: Tom Cooley, Ed Dawson, John Saxon, Boris Sztorch, Doug Spangler and Mike Webb.

Q: When was the first high school started in Basehor?

A: The first high school in Basehor was started in 1905 in rooms above the Kemler-Hammond General Store.

True or False: Bonner Springs is named after New York newspaper publisher Robert Bonner, who was a regular visitor to the community.

A: False. As far as anyone knows, Bonner never came to Bonner Springs. His only connection with the community was financial investments. Originally, the community was known as Tiblow in honor of a Delaware Indian Henry Tiblow.

Q: What is the history behind the name of Vaughn-Trent Community Services?

A: It as named after Marion Vaughn, long-time Chieftain publisher and mayor of Bonner Springs, and Lindy Trent, who served for years as mayor of Edwardsville. It was originally the Marion Vaughn Christmas Fund, however, in the late 1980s the agency was expanded and re-named in honor of Lindy Trent, who had been involved for years.

Q: Who were the first non-Native Americans to own land in Basehor?

A: After the Delaware Indians left the area and moved to Oklahoma, Thomas and Mary Townes purchased farmland, which they later sold to the Basehor brothers.

Q: Both Bonner Springs and Basehor-Linwood High Schools have won state basketball championships. Can you name the year for each state title?

A: Bonner Springs won the 5-A title in 1984. The Bobcats won in 2009.

I hope you got all of the answers correctly and, if not, maybe this will spark your interest in learning about local history.


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