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Fourth of July 2010

July 8, 2010

We have seen many Fourth of July celebrations in Lansing over the years but the one in 2010 will not be forgotten. It was supposed to start about 9:30, and on an ordinary day that would have been great, but our decision to be there early, about 8, turned out to be fine for us. It was so gloomy and dark and with a threatening rain forecast they started early. It was raining already on our way out 4-H Road, and we could see the beautiful fireworks already started. Obviously, they had no choice but to go on with the show.

We were directed into our new Kenneth W. Bernard Park by faithful city council members, police officers and city staff. The arrangement for parking was great and well planned out for everyone’s convenience. I know a lot of work went into getting the parking area ready and it was a super job

We were all set to put out our chairs along with a picnic lunch but Mother Nature had other ideas. It literally poured so we had our sandwiches, barbecue potato chips, cookies and drinks in the car. We could still watch as the fireworks continued on in spite of the rain. We were amazed at the number of folks already there when we arrived. Many brave souls had already set up their chairs outside, only to be forced back into their vehicles. We watched one youngster stand outside to watch, but after being thoroughly drenched he got back into his parents' car

We are a hardy bunch here in Lansing and can’t let a little bad weather disturb our well made plans to enjoy a wonderful patriotic holiday. According to the news, it was that way in a large part of the country.

Just think about this, what we had is nothing compared to what our servicemen go through while giving us the freedom to come and go as we please and attend rainy fireworks displays. This is the greatest country in the world because of our freedom.

God Bless America


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